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Shoulder Pain

Common shoulder pain injuries treated by Pearl Physiotherapy Center

Shoulder pain has many different causes, and being one of the most unstable joints in the body to allow freedom of movements for the hand and arm, is prone to injury more so than other joints.

Types Of Pains and Causes

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

This is caused by irritation of the tendons as they pass underneath the small space between the bony anatomy in the shoulder. If there are muscle imbalances around the scapula or limitations in the soft tissue structures around the shoulder, this can cause the rotator cuff tendons and adjacent bursa (fluid filled sac) to become inflamed and lead to pain in the shoulder.

Rotator Cuff Pain

The tendons which control movements around the shoulder joint are called the rotator cuff. Together, they not only provide strength and movement of the shoulder, but they also confer stability throughout the whole shoulder joint. The rotator cuff tendons are prone to damage through the factors listed below.


Either from a fall, wrench of the shoulder or lifting a load that is too excessive. This causes a tearing of some fibres of the tendon (micro tear) or a more significant tear (full thickness tear) involving one tendon, or more seriously, a massive tear involving multiple tendons.

Repetitive Micro-trauma

Repetitive motions that often arise in the workplace or sports, can cause undue stress to the tendons leading to micro-tears and inflammation, pain and loss of function. This process can be gradual and builds up over time.


Most tendon injuries are because of a gradual wear and tear as part of the ageing process. Tendons are designed to transmit the load and forces from a muscle to the joint and excessive loading or stress leads to the tendon fibres becoming injured.