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Corporate Physiotherapy

Corporate physiotherapy services

We provide workplace health solutions that are tailored for your needs, whether this involves health and well-being education presentations, onsite physiotherapy services or DSE assessments. Call now to discuss a bespoke corporate physiotherapy package for your workplace.

Tailored Services

Ergonomic assessments and solutions for more efficient ways of working and on-site expert physiotherapy treatment to reduce sickness absence.
Empower Your Workforce

Educational seminars and workshops, healthy lifestyle and manual handling advice and bespoke exercise rehabilitation programmes for injury prevention strategies.
Fast Access

On-site early diagnosis and treatment with support and expert guidance to managing injuries and helping to avoid staff absences. Advice on restricted duties and return to work programmes (RTW) enabling effective planning for changes in the workplace.
Workplace Physiotherapy

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) can affect muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

It is usual that such injuries in the workplace are due to multifactorial reasons relating to the physical environment, to the physical tasks individuals carry out on a daily basis, shift patterns, repetitious nature of work and the individuals own physical capacity.

Tailored Solutions

At Pearl Physiotherapy Center we aim to provide a personal, tailored strategy to improving the health of your workforce. This will involve working closely with you and your employees to understand the most effective strategies to help reduce sickness, absence and improve workforce health and productivity.

Happy Workforce

A healthy workforce with employers engaged in their well being is a more productive and happier workforce. The improvements in physical health can also help to reduce stress and mental health problems which are all very common and often can be overlooked.
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