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Specialist physiotherapy services

Our physiotherapy service is unique, in that it looks to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis of the problem, effective manual treatment and appropriate rehabilitation suitable to the condition. We believe in a tailored and holistic approach to your care at all times, and we strive for the best possible standards and outcomes in everything we do.


We take a thorough history of your condition, including a detailed examination to ascertain the nature of the symptoms. We then provide an accurate diagnosis with a bespoke treatment plan to help restore you back to full fitness.

All physiotherapists complete rigorous training including 1000 hours of clinical placements. Many of our physiotherapists have extensive postgraduate training to further their skills and knowledge base and all are registered with the Health Care Professional Council (HCPC).

Expert treatment and care are the hallmarks of our philosophy. We are passionate about delivering the very best standards of care and this drives all our therapists to continue to learn and develop and use the very best evidence-based treatment meth
Physiotherapy Facts

Physiotherapy can treat a variety of complaints including respiratory problems, stroke and neurological conditions, hyperventilation and dizziness/vertigo.

It is believed that Hippocrates in 460 BC used principles similar to physiotherapy for treatment.

The modern era of physiotherapy began in Canada after soldiers returning from World War 1 needed rehabilitation to help them recover from various injuries sustained on the battlefield.

Private Health Insurance for Physiotherapy Treatment

Pearl Physiotherapy Center is recognised with most major private insurers and we will arrange for billing of your treatment costs directly with your insurer. If you have private medical insurance please let us know and we can organise directly with your insurer at no extra cost.

Self-Funded Physiotherapy Treatment

If you are self-funding your treatment, you can pay for treatment costs as you go. Booking is quick.
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