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Sports Physiotherapy

Specialist sports physiotherapy

Whether you are a seasoned professional, or weekend warrior, at Pearl Physiotherapy Center we are focused on returning you back to your sport. We believe in a tailored approach to sports injuries, with careful detail to the demands of your sport and your physical capabilities to create a rehabilitation package of care to get you back to full health.

Expert Diagnosis

Our expert physiotherapists will aim to accurately diagnose your injury as quickly as possible
Effective Treatment

We will target treatment with effective hands on therapy including soft tissue techniques and/or joint mobilisations.
Tailored Rehabillitation

Your physiotherapist will provide a bespoke rehabilitation plan to not only ensure the fastest route to recovery but to help you stay injury free.
Understanding Your Injury

We aim to get to the bottom of injuries, rather than just treating the symptoms.

We need to understand your sporting and exercise demands, assess your physical capabilities and contributory factors which could be causing the problem. This could be due to poor flexibility – often a forgotten component of fitness, muscle imbalances and poor muscle firing and recruitment patterns.

It can also be due to weaknesses of the core muscles, biomechanical anomalies, and generally inadequate strength.

Looking Beyond The Problem

At Pearl Physiotherapy Center, we don’t just treat your symptoms. Our adept physiotherapists aim to get to the bottom of the problem. We look beyond the pure mechanics to see if there are any other contributory factors to your condition, such as poor technique, abnormal movement patterns and muscle imbalances.

Advice, Treatment and Prevention

At Pearl Physiotherapy Center we aim to find a lasting solution to your problem with expert treatment, advice and education to help empower you with solutions to your problems.
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